Consultation on Additional Learning Needs Proposals

The Council undertook consultation in the autumn term of 2015 on improving the provision for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At the Executive meeting held on 20th January 2016, the Education Recovery Board agreed and the Executive endorsed the decision to proceed with both of the Council’s preferred options in respect of improving provision for ASD through:

Re-designating Glanhowy Primary School  on 1st September 2016 for 12 pupils from complex needs provision to ASD provision: and that;  

Designating Ebbw Fawr  Learning Community for ASD provision  initially for 18 pupils on 1st September 2016 with the number being managed down to 12 places by 2018.  

Both Statutory Notices are attached.

The ASD consultation has now concluded and a copy of the objection report along with the decision notification letter will be published on 25th February. 

  • Decision Letter