Tell us about changes

If your situation changes after your Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction has been awarded then this may alter the amount that you should be paid.

You MUST tell us about any changes as soon as they happen. 

If you don't tell us of any changes you may receive too much benefit and any overpayments will have to be paid back. You could also lose money if you don't report certain changes, for example, if your rent goes up. 

If you notify us of a change which increases your entitlement, for example a reduction in your wages, you must tell us within one month of the change occurring. 

If you tell us over one month after the change happened your claim will only be increased from the date that you tell us 

Type of changes that we need to know about are: -  

  • If you move
  • If your rent changes
  • If you or your partner are absent (temporarily) from your home
  • If you or your partner’s income or capital changes
  • If someone moves in with you or moves out of your property  

This is not a full list. To report any change in circumstances:  

Contact Information

Name of Team: Housing Benefits

Telephone : 01495 353398

Address: Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale