Types of Fostering

There are many different ways in which you can help to care for children and young people. Different types of fostering suit different types of people. Hopefully there is a type of fostering that will suit you and your family.

Short Term Placements

Short term carers provide placements until a child can return home to their own family, move to a longer term foster placement or an adoptive family. This can last for a few weeks, months sometimes longer.

Long Term Placements

These placements are generally needed for children who need a long term home away from their birth family because of long standing problems. Such children often need guidance and support within a caring, understanding and loving home and long term placement are intended to provide stability and security until the child/young person reaches independence.

Respite Care

Respite care may be needed to help families in difficulty, providing a break for both parents and children. Respite an also be utilised to support a child remaining in their long term foster placement. Respite care varies in when and for how long it is required, however it is mostly needed over the weekends or school holidays. The more flexible you can be the better in terms of being able to offer this service.

Parent and Child Placements

This type of placement is provided to a parent and their child where Foster Carers can provide support and guidance to the parent to help them to develop parenting skills. Additional training is provided for Foster Carers providing parent and child placements. 

Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings placements are a stepping stone to independence for young people aged 16- 21 at risk of homelessness, and those leaving the care system.

Providers offer emotional support and the chance to learn vital practical skills in a safe place. They don’t have the same legal responsibilities as a parent or foster parent, and there is a different assessment process. 

A Supported Lodgings provider is someone with:

  • A spare room in their home, and;
  • The desire to help a vulnerable young person.

Supported Lodgings providers make a huge difference to the lives of these young people, just by welcoming them into their homes. 

If you would like to seek further information regarding this scheme please contact the Placement Team enquiry line 01495 357792, 01495 356101 or 01495 356050 or via email FOSTERING@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk

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