One to One Scheme

We have recently had agreement to fund a new specific type of fostering which is called One to One.

This service is designed as a pilot scheme to recruit a limited number of foster carers who can specialise in looking after children and young people with complex needs. 

The term complex needs has a number of meanings and children referred to the scheme will have many different types of feelings and behaviours. These may include aggression and angry outbursts, self-harming behaviour, problems with eating, being at risk of others in the community and so on.

Whatever the type of needs that the child or children present with it must be sufficient enough to warrant a carer who is available to that child to a much greater extent than a generic carer would be expected to be. The main carer must not commit to work or activities that take them away from the home on a regular basis.

The scheme will be open to anyone to apply but strict criteria will be applied to those wishing to take up this role. Applicants will have proven experience and/or relevant qualifications that will help them fulfil this demanding role.

Carers will also receive an enhanced rate of allowances and fees commensurate with those paid by independent providers. A small retainer will also be paid for periods when a carer is available but no child has been placed.

If you would like to seek further information regarding this scheme please contact the Placement Team enquiry line 07890312429 or via email