Rubbish & Fly-tipping

Fly tipping is an anti-social and potentially dangerous problem which costs thousands of pounds every year to clear away.  It is unsightly and pollutes our environment.
We treat this problem very seriously and will always investigate every case of fly-tipped waste reported to us.  If we can obtain sufficient evidence we will always prosecute anyone caught committing this offence within the county borough.  
Dumping household, industrial and commercial waste illegally is a serious criminal offence that carries a fine of up to £50,000. If found guilty offenders can even be sent to prison.

Reporting Fly-Tipping

If you see someone fly-tipping waste or see waste that has already been tipped please report it online or contact C2BG on (01495) 311556. Please use a browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari to use the form. It will not work in Internet Explorer.

It will help the Council if you are able to provide us with the  following details: 

  • the location of the waste, using local landmarks wherever possible
  • the content of the waste and a rough quantity
  • any vehicle registration numbers and the time and date that you saw the incident taking place
  • How many people were involved and what they looked like
  • Please do not interfere with the waste. If it contains items that may lead us to the person responsible you need to leave this evidence in place until our Enforcement Officers can photograph the waste and recover the evidence

Waste disposal - whose responsibility is it?

Anyone who generates waste now has a Duty Of Care to ensure it is disposed of correctly and transported by a registered waste carrier to its place of final disposal. This means that if you give your waste to someone to dispose of, they must do so correctly.  
As well as businesses, this applies to householders who pay companies to remove waste from their property. Remember, all green material such as tree cuttings or waste material generated as part of building work is classed as waste. If you employ a builder or a tree surgeon, for example, they too must be licensed to carry waste from your premises.
Before giving your waste to any company, check that they are a registered waste carrier.  If waste from your premises is discovered illegally deposited you may face prosecution for not complying with your duty of care to that waste. Ask any tradesperson where they will be disposing of the waste produced and if they are licensed to carry it.

Check Waste Carrier Registrations