Local Help & Support (COVID-19)

From Sunday, 16th August there will be a change in the arrangements for medically shielding people in Wales, the Chief Medical Officer has confirmed. Shielding will be 'paused' from that date, and you will be able to go out and about in the community like everyone else. You must however make sure that you adhere to the same social distancing and hygiene advice as everyone else, such as frequent handwashing and face coverings where indicated. This advice also applies to children and young people who have been shielding during this time, allowing a return to Education in September.

Pausing means that shielding could be reintroduced in the future if considered necessary.

All shielding residents will receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer outlining the changes – please remember that the current shielding guidelines remain in place until the 16th August.

Until August 16th we will continue to support shielded and vulnerable residents through our Locality Response Teams who have been helping out with shopping, medication and other everyday tasks during this period. A scaled down team will remain in place beyond mid-August to help residents whose circumstances may change over the coming months.

The delivery of free food boxes will stop when shielding is paused and our teams will be contacting all residents in receipt of these to explore alternative arrangements to make sure their needs are met.

The last food box deliveries will take place in the week ending 16 August, depending on your usual delivery day. There will be no more deliveries after this date.

Please use this time to make other plans to get food and supplies. These could include:

  • Asking family, friends or neighbours to help you with shopping
  • Booking priority supermarket delivery slots - you can book priority supermarket deliveries or ask local shops to deliver food and supplies directly to your door. To get a priority supermarket delivery you need to register for online shopping. You must use the same name and address that’s on your CMO letter when you register
  • Getting help from local voluntary groups or community groups - if you already have support from a voluntary group or community group this will continue and they may be able to do more for you
  • Ordering a supermarket food box - some supermarkets sell food boxes with essential items in and will deliver them to you. Contact your local supermarket to find out if they have a food box scheme
  • Getting help through your local council - if you do not have help or someone to check on you, please contact your local council for support. You can contact Blaenau Gwent Council on 01495 311556

Support with collecting medication will continue until the end of September.

As always, if you are concerned about someone in the community please contact us on 01495 311556.

Community spirit is strong in Blaenau Gwent. As well as the formal arrangements for support offered by Welsh Government and arrangements for schools we’re also aware of so many community groups, neighbourhoods and individuals who are doing fantastic things to support those who need it throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. 

We’ve put together some useful information below, which we hope will help you find the assistance and support you need.

Specialist support for people who are formally shielding:

Some people in our community are already extremely vulnerable to the virus, and you may need an extra level of support and assistance if:

  • you already receive social care support in your home, either arranged by yourself or through the Council.
  • you have received a letter from the NHS telling you that you are extremely vulnerable because of medical treatment you have had or a health condition that you live with.

If you do not have that support - or if you know someone who is alone with health or social care needs and trying to cope - then please get in touch with us.

Food parcels and the delivery of medication is being arranged through Welsh Government and we can register a request for that service for you. 

We can also help to put you in touch with other organisations that can support you during this time.

Please call us on 01495 311556.

Further Community Support

The Council is working with community groups, local businesses and the voluntary sector across our borough. Our role is to connect you to the various types of support in your locality.

Call us on 01495 311556 with your request. This will be passed to your locality team who will be in touch to talk through your needs.

This might be:

  • help picking up medicine
  • assistance with getting food or essential shopping
  • a friendly phone call
  • something else

You can also email us at info@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk

The related documents below have directories of local services available to support residents. It includes details of local food shops.  You should contact the shops direct for details like opening times, delivery/collection and payment options.  

If you require delivery/collection of items many of our local taxi companies have extended their service to include these arrangements.

There are also details of community support groups (including local Facebook Groups), national support groups and taxis if you need transport.

*This information was produced with help from our local businesses at a point in time and may be subject to change.

Other Information

One of the easiest and most efficient way for residents to access up-to-date information and support from across their community is by keeping in touch with the Facebook Groups that are updated and managed regularly by the community itself.

In Blaenau Gwent we are fortunate to have a number of already established Facebook Groups.

Here are some that you might find useful:

Coronavirus Support Blaenau Gwent
Wellbeing Networks Gwent COVID-19 support and information
Town Groups like Abertillery Town Shopping, Llanhilleth Past & Present, Blaina & Nantyglo community group, Brynmawr Community Working Together

Simply do a quick search for the name of the group in Facebook to see what is going on and be in touch with your neighbours.

We will also be promoting what is available through our own Blaenau Gwent CBC Facebook pages.

Find out more about how you can protect yourself and others from Coronavirus:


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