Budget Challenge

Overview of Blaenau Gwent’s Budget Challenge 2018-19

The Council set a balanced budget for 2018-19 despite a 0.5% reduction in funding from Welsh Government (the worst settlement of all Welsh councils). Under the agreed Budget the Council will not need to draw from its general reserves and Education, Community Services and Social Services funding will be protected, with Schools seeing an increase of 1%.

With less money to spend, we have to change the way we provide services.. This means we have to reduce some services, look for alternative ways of providing others and even stopping some services altogether where we have no alternative. 

To support the Budget Setting process for 2018/19, the Council ran a public engagement programme called the ‘Blaenau Gwent’s Budget Challenge’. This programme ran in November 2017 across numerous key locations around the borough so people could attend, as well as being fully available for people to take part via the Council’s website.

The programme gave people the opportunity to find information on the council budget, the savings required, and an overview of saving proposals for 2018/19.  People could give their views by completing questionnaires, leaving their comments, or having a go on a new online budget simulator where they could set their own budget.

During the programme over 1,000 people were engaged, with over 800 questionnaires handed out.  A total of 221 completed questionnaires were returned, and valid for analysis.

Full details of the Council Budget for 2018-19 can be found here

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