Support with universal credit

‘From 1st April 2019 Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council will no longer be providing Personal Budgeting and Assisted Digital Support for Universal Credit claimants.  Please follow the link to Citizens Advice Bureau for further information. 

Personal Budgeting Support

Three key changes come with Universal Credit when thinking about money:

  • A single household payment
  • One Monthly Payment
  • Housing part of Universal Credit paid to the customer. You will need to pay your landlord yourself.

Personal Budgeting Support can support you to manage your money, paying your bills on time as you transition to Universal Credit.

What are the elements of Personal Budgeting?

  1. Money Information & Guidance – Helping you cope with managing your money on a monthly basis. This will be offered over the phone or face to face by our Personal Budgeting Officer, or a referral to external organisations for debt management.  

  2. Alternative Payment Arrangements –  Designed for those who cannot manage a single monthly payment . You can request your rent gets paid directly to your landlord. For more information on this please contact your work coach or call the UC Hotline on 08003289344.

If you would like help with your budgeting please contact our Personal Budgeting Officer on 01495 353398 or email /

Advance Payments

  • It takes at least five or six weeks after you apply for Universal Credit to get your first payment.
  • If you need help to get by while waiting for this, you can ask for an advance payment.
  • The short term advance is a loan – you will have to pay it back.
  • The repayments will be automatically deducted from your Universal Credit payments until the advance is repaid in full.
  • This means that you will get smaller Universal Credit payments while you pay back the short term advance. The maximum repayment period for most advance payments is 12 months.

You can ask for a short term advance at your Universal Credit interview, which will be booked for you after you finish your online application. The interview will take place at a Jobcentre.
If you have already had your interview, you can phone the Universal Credit helpline to ask for a short term advance.

You must have a bank account, building society or credit union account to claim Universal Credit. For advice on setting up a bank account visit The Money Advice Service Website

Assisted Digital Support

Universal Credit must be claimed ONLINE.  Before making a claim for Universal Credit you must make sure:

  • You have access to a computer/device with internet access. (All Blaenau Gwent Libraries have free internet access)
  • You have an email address
  • Organise help using the internet (if required)


To make a claim for Universal Credit  you will need to Verify your identity online using a variety of items including; photographic ID (passport or driver’s license), bank details, an email address and phone number.

Assisted Digital Support can provide help with using the internet to Verify your identity online and make and sustain your Universal Credit Claim. You will be expected to use the internet regularly to access your claim and continue to receive benefit. 

If you are unsure of how to apply online or wish to improve your digital confidence please contact our Digital Inclusion Officer on 01495 353398 or email

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Contact Information

Name of Team: Housing Benefits

Telephone : 01495 353398

Address: Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale