Carers Wales Virtual Wellbeing Day - 26th March

Carers Wales Virtual Wellbeing Day - 26th March 2021

Carers Wales are delighted and excited to announce our dedicated virtual wellbeing day.

We are hosting a full day of activities to support the mindfulness and wellbeing of unpaid carers on Friday 26th March 2021. Each session is individual and you can join as many or as few as you like.   You do not have to commit to the whole day.

The day will look like this:

  • 10.00 -11.20 – Self Care.
  • 11.30 -12.50 - Stress Management.
  • 13.00 -14.20 - Healthy Back Management.
  • 14.30 - 15.50 - Hand Massage.
  • 16.00 -17.20 - Dru Yoga.
  • 17.30 – 18.50 – What is counselling.
  • 19.00 – 20.20 - Dru Yoga.

‘Me Time' is a chance for unpaid carers to do something for their own enjoyment. These online sessions, funded by the Welsh Government, are a place where carers can get involved in a range of activities and explore new opportunities that they may not be able to do normally. We will be doing all sorts of things ranging from group viewings of the great wonders of the world, to arts, music, physical exercise, relaxation and mindfulness and so much more.

We want to invite unpaid carers to join us in a celebration of the Mindful activities that we have had on our Me Time sessions and share that experience with other carers who are in the same position.

For ticket information: