Proposed Household Re-cycling Centre

Consultation - Proposed Household Waste Re-cycling Centre at Roseheyworth Industrial Estate, Abertillery

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council is looking to re-develop a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) facility at Roseheyworth Industrial Estate to improve their service provision to local residents and increase their recycling rates in line with Welsh Government targets.  

The operation will be based on the activities currently being undertaken at New Vale, Ebbw Vale. The re-cycling materials are  glass, wood, cardboard, plastics, electrical goods, paint, plasterboard, textiles, batteries, food waste, paper, carpets, steel & aluminium cans etc. which  are then either hauled directly from the site or transported to the Waste Transfer Station at Silent Valley Ebbw Vale. 

The proposed new HWRC at Roseheyworth, will also have a shop where residents will be able to purchase recycled goods at reduced costs.  A second HWRC in the lower Ebbw Fach Valley will reduce the demand at New Vale and allow residents in the south of the county access to a closer site within the BGCBC boundary. 

All consultation responses are to be clearly titled ‘HWRC Roseheyworth’ and addressed to no later than 12 noon on the 2nd November 2018.

Additional information upon request

Preliminary Ecology Survey
Roseheyworth Coal Mining Risk Assessment
Design and Access Statement

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