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Environmental Protection – Covid19 service update

COVID-19: Update on Service Delivery for Environmental Protection

As a result of the increasing infection rate of Covid-19 in Blaenau Gwent, the Environmental Health Team have had to divert staff resources to deal with infection control within our community. This has meant that certain work which is not public safety critical will not be investigated at this point. For example if you live in a rented property and have concerns about the electrical or gas safety of that property or if you are aware of a defective drainage system which is discharging sewage illegally then a response will be provided, but for less safety critical matters such as straying dogs or rodent infestations on third party land, then complaints will not be taken until at least the 1st December 2020, when a review of the Environmental Health team's work will be undertaken.

We would urge you therefore to please consider carefully whether the matter you are concerned about warrants intervention by Environmental Health at this time, so as to ensure that essential staff resources are free to deal with the critical infection control work that is required at the moment to protect our community.