Proposed Primary School, Six Bells

(Revised and additional details – November 2016) 

In July this year the Planning Authority received a planning application for a new primary school on the former colliery site at Six Bells.  Some of the application details were published on this site and the views of the public were invited. 

In response to issues and queries raised The Planning Authority has received some revised proposals and additional details. If you wish to view a selection of the documents including the November revisions and additional details please visit: 

-       Revised Site Location Plan and Revised Site Layout Plan Appendix A , and

-      Updated Transport Assessment & Travel Plan in Appendix B  (Please note due to the size of this document we have been unable to publish it to the site, if you wish to view a copy could you please either visit our office or contact us to arrange for a copy to be emailed).

Any comments should be submitted to the Planning Authority ( by Friday December 2nd 2016.