Household Refuse & Collections

We visit your home to collect general household waste that cannot be recycled every two weeks.

How it works

We will visit your house on the same day every two weeks – even on bank holidays – to collect your refuse. The only time your collection will change is for the Christmas and New Year bank holidays, and we will tell you about rescheduled collections in December.

How to present your refuse

  • Put your wheeled bin or black bags out by 7am on your collection day

  • We will only collect refuse from the wheeled bin that we have given you – we will not take extra bags on top or to the side of your bin

To help keep our borough clean and safe, it is important to present your household refuse for collection in the correct way. We do not collect excess waste placed by the side or on top of your wheeled bin. This is to encourage residents to recycle more and send less to landfill. Please make sure all of your rubbish fits in your wheeled bin with the lid closed.

What is a Waste Receptacle Notice?

Our Waste Enforcement Officer and our team of Waste Advisory Wardens patrol the borough to ensure all residents present their waste correctly.
Warning stickers will be placed on wheeled bins where residents have presented excess waste. The Waste Enforcement Officer can issue a notice to any resident who persistently fails to present their waste correctly.

Notices are a formal letter sent by post. The letter provides advice on when, where, and how to present your household refuse, to help make sure it doesn’t happen again.
If you repeatedly fail to comply with this notice it may result in you being issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100. If this notice is not paid, proceedings may be taken to court where you could then be fined up to £1000.