Event Details

Celebrate Dementia Awareness Week 1 – 5th October

Aneurin Leisure  Arts and Culture Service. Working with Head4Arts, are proud to be offering a week of

activities which will raise awareness of people with Dementia, and demonstrate, through participation in arts activities, how we may contribute to their health and well-being.

All activities (apart from the play This Incredible Life) are being offered to pre-booked groups free of charge. You can book the tickets through The Met Box Office on 01495 355945

Monday 1 October, 12 noon to 1pm

Afternoon Tea Dance including tea and cakes.
An afternoon of old times and melodies, to get everyone up on their feet and dancing!

Tuesday 2 October,  2pm- 3pm

Swing'n Sing - Join us and the Paddy Sheen Singers as they entertain us with some of our old favourite tunes and invite you to join in the singing including tea and cakes.

Wednesday 3 October, 1pm to 3pm

Drop by the Met this morning and meet a variety of organisations who will be able to support carers and people who work with those who have dementia by informing them of the different services available.

This afternoon we are delighted to welcome Canoe Theatre & Theatr Sir Gar's production of This Incredible Life by Alan Harris. A play which will enchant us all about the life of a former famous journalist as she is invited to take part in an award ceremony. celebrating her work... or is she?
£8 per person (includes tea and cake)

Thursday 4 October

Today Head4Arts and the Met join forces to engage a local school and care home in the 'Buddy-Bach' scheme, where we'll take a group of young students to visit older people in their care home to engage in storytelling and reminiscing

Friday 5 October, 11am to 12 noon

This morning we welcome Enid Middleton, Storyteller, to recount tales of former times and memories of growing up in the valleys, which will be sure to re-ignite our visitors’ own happy memories. Tea and cakes will be served on arrival.

The above events have been possible by support from Haed4Arts, the Arts Council of Wales and Abertillery and Blaina Inner Wheel Club.