Active Travel Consultation

What is Active Travel?

The Active Travel (Wales) Act (2013) places duties upon local authorities in Wales to map, plan for, improve and promote opportunities for active travel.

Active travel means walking and cycling (including the use of mobility scooters) for everyday journeys. This includes journeys to school, to work, to the shops or to access services e.g. health or leisure centres. Active travel does not include walking and cycling for recreational purposes.

Active travel is important in promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing the negative impacts of traffic upon our neighbourhoods and communities.

More information on the Act can be found on the Welsh Government website.

What has been done so far?

The Act requires local authorities in Wales to produce and publish active travel maps.

Firstly, local authorities were required to produce and publish an Existing Routes Map by January 2016. This map shows routes within the area that are suitable for active travel and which meet standards set by the Welsh Government. As such the Existing Routes Map does not show all available walking and cycling routes within an area.

Following a period of public consultation, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s Existing Routes Map was submitted to the Welsh Government in January 2016 and approved in April 2016.

The routes within Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s Existing Routes Map can be viewed below.

Existing route maps

Active Travel Routes: Have Your Say 2018

We are planning to introduce more 'active travel' routes in Blaenau Gwent allowing people to walk, run or cycle safely throughout the area. We are currently putting together a new Integrated Network Map (INM) for the area which will map out the new 'active travel' routes which we plan to introduce over the next 15 years.

Before we begin work on our new routes we need your views so please spare a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire letting us know what you think of our current and planned routes. Your views will be used to help improve 'active travel' routes throughout the area.

Annual Progress Reports

As part of the requirement of the Active Travel Act, this council must submit Annual Progress Report to the Welsh Government.

Integrated Network Map Consultation

Public consultation has now started on Blaenau Gwent County Borough Councils 15-year vision to improve cycling and walking routes across the Borough, with an Integrated Network Map for walking and cycling. This will meet the requirements of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 to plan for the provision of routes and improvements for active travel.

Integrated Network Map for Cycling and Walking

Nine cycling and walking routes have been identified and assessed to identify additional measures to improve their attractiveness, comfort, directness, safety and coherence.

·         HOV1 Bryn Bach Park - Garnlydan

·         TR3 Tredegar Town Centre - Harford Gardens

·         EV3 Ebbw Vale Hospital - 3-11 School

·         BR2 Beaufort - Nantyglo

·         BR3 Brynmawr -  Blaenavon

·         AB2 Six Bells - Aberbeeg

·         LLAN1 Llanhilleth Station - Royal Oak

·         LLAN2/3 Royal Oak - Swffrydd-Crumlin

What are the next steps?

The Integrated Network Map has been submitted to the Welsh Government for consideration in  November 2017. We currently await their response.

If you require further information about Active Travel in Blaenau Gwent email