Let's Talk Engagement

Our Let’s Talk public engagement programme gives everyone the opportunity to influence the Council’s budget and services.

It’s been widely publicised that local councils are facing tough times as the government continues to reduce the amount of money we receive. With less money to spend we have to review all of our services and try to identify millions of pounds in savings. As a result, some of our services will have to change, and we may have to stop providing other services altogether. We have created our Let’s Talk public engagement programme to give everyone the opportunity to influence these tough decisions, ensuring that our services continue to meet the needs of the communities which rely on them.

We undertake our Let’s Talk programme each financial year in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 (Summer): We station ourselves in gazebos, empty shops or community buildings in key locations throughout the borough and invite anyone to come along and find out more about our services and the financial challenges that we face. Via a short questionnaire, people can tell us which services matter most to them and their community, and if they have any suggestions about how we can save money in the future. We gather all this information together and use it to draft up ideas about how our services can change, which we call our ‘savings proposals’.
  • Phase 2 (Autumn/Winter): We return to the streets to show everyone our savings proposals and let them know how each one may affect the services that they use. Via our questionnaire, people can tell us what sort of impact each proposal would have on them and their community. We’ll use their feedback to help us decide which proposals are approved and which ones should be rejected before any changes are finalised and our budget is set. 
  • Phase 3 (Winter/Spring): Feedback; letting people know how their ideas and suggestions have influenced the decisions that we make is a very important part of Let’s Talk, so we’ve dedicate a whole phase of work to doing it. We’ll be publishing information on our website, in the local press and libraries, and we’ll be talking to local groups and organisations so that all those involved can find out how their feedback has helped to shape their local services.

All of our Let’s Talk events are advertised on our website and social media accounts, in the local press, libraries and in other community buildings throughout the borough.

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