Health & Safety At Work

A wide range of activities is undertaken by the Section to discharge its duty in relation to the Health and Safety function.  Inspectors appointed by the Authority will:

Carry out intervention strategies at commercial premises, in which the Council is responsible for enforcing Health and Safety legislation, to ensure compliance with that legislation, and institute informal or formal action in accordance with the Division's Enforcement Policy, LACORS and Health and Safety Commission/Executive guidance and advice.  These interventions are carried out on a risk-based approach.

Investigate work related accidents

Investigate health and safety complaints about commercial premises

Facilitate the provision of health and safety training to local businesses to assist them to meet legislative requirements;

Issue licences and registrations, including Petroleum licenses and skin piercing/tattooing registrations, and monitor compliance with relevant conditions

Take samples for analysis and/or testing

React promptly and appropriately to product safety warnings

Work with local businesses on a “Lead Authority Partnership” basis, where appropriate;

Provide advice and assistance to businesses to help them comply with health and safety legislation and maintain a high standard of occupational health and safety practice

Undertake special health and safety initiatives and surveys

Provide advice and assistanceto employers, employees, contractors and members of the public to promote and improve health and safety awareness

Work towards the achievement of targets set out in the HELA strategic plan and the overarching aims set out in the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) document ‘Revitalising Health and Safety at Work’, including full participation in Joint Initiatives

We will endeavour to maintain a proactive programme of interventions, information, advice and training to support the HSC strategy in working towards key targets.

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