Bedwellty Pits

Bedwelty Pit

Bedwellty Pits Incline Engine

Situated above Bedwellty Pits halfway up the side of the Sirhowy Valley, are the remains  of a self acting incline haulage for lowering stone from the adjacent quarry down the hillside to the village.  The quarry was in use from the 1850s onwards.

The winding gear stands half way up the side of the Sirhowy Valley above Bedwellty Pits, at the top of a disused tramway and on the lip of an old quarry. The site consists of two stone-built pits, c. 2m across and 1.5m deep, each with a cast iron square-sectioned axle with two cast iron wheels at the ends. The axles are supported on iron plates bolted onto the top of the masonry walls. The wheels, which have six spokes each, originally supported wooden drums, but only part of the drum on the outer side is still in place. The rest of the wood of the drums is lying rotting on the floor of the pits.

The outer drum still has some metal cable wound round it. The wheels of the outer drum appear in good condition, but the wheels of the inner drum are rusty in places, and the innermost wheel is missing about a third of its spokes from rust.
The walls, which are c. 1.5m high (the outermost wall on the edge of the slope is 2.5m high on the outside) are mostly in good condition.