Social Services

Social Services in Blaenau Gwent support those people who need Social Care, including those in need of protection, to develop their abilities to live as independent and fulfilled lives as possible.

Who do Social Services support?
Blaenau Gwent Social Services support:

  • Children and young people under 18 and their families.
  • Young people who the Council has looked after.
  • Adults and Older People with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health or drug or alcohol related problems.
  • Carers, that is family and friends who look after others.

What support is provided?
Children Services involve a wide range of provisions and legislative requirements which are designated both to promote the welfare of all children in need and their families and to protect children from harm.

Adult Services provide a very wide range of help for broad groupings of people with many support and care needs.  Information leaflets are available; click here to view the complete range.

Who do you contact for help from Social Services?

The Council call centre, C2BG, provides the first point of contact for people who wish to ask for help for themselves or, with their permission, for a relative or friend.  Contact with C2BG can be made in person by attending one of the outreach sessions, or by phone, letter, fax or e-mail.  These methods are also the first point of contact with Social Services by other agencies, such as health, education, police and housing.

What information do Social Services need?
When you get in touch with C2BG you will be asked some questions about the circumstances that led to your contact and to find out if Social Services may be able to help.

Some basic information will be needed including your name, address and contact details and if the referral is being made on behalf of somebody else that person’s details will also be required.  Anonymous referrals can be taken however C2BG may require additional information to process the referral.

The permission of the person being referred must have been obtained before a referral is made.  Social Services rarely accept referrals without such permission, and if permission has not been obtained, an explanation must be given.

What Happens Next?
C2BG will decide whether to pass the information you have provided to specialist staff in Social Services; or they may redirect you to another agency or organisation; or they might send out information; or if possible they may deal with the query on the spot.

If your information is passed on to specialist staff in Social Services they will undertake an assessment, this will tell us what your needs are, and if you are eligible for services.  It gives information about how your needs can best be met.

Social Services only provide support to vulnerable people with particular social care needs who are eligible for that support.  Social Services use ‘eligibility criteria’ to decide in a fair way who should be given priority for support and help.

What can I do if things go wrong?
If you are unhappy about any of our services, or about the way you have been treated, you have the right to complain.  If you wish, you may have someone with you to speak on your behalf or to support you.

Further details of how to use the complaints procedure can be found in the Social Services complaints leaflet, or by contacting the Complaints Officer based at the Headquarters office.

Contact Information

For further information please contact

Dedicated Referral Team:
Civic Centre
Ebbw Vale
Gwent, NP23 6XB

Tel: (01495) 315700
Fax: (01495) 353350
Minicom: (01495) 355959

For information enquiries:

Email :

For referrals:

Email :

Social Services Directorate
Anvil Court
Church Street
NP13 1DB

Tel: (01495) 354680
Fax: (01495) 355285