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In Autumn 2015 BGCBC will be introducing a new recycling service that will help separate your household recyclable materials further and a three weekly refuse collection, the reasons for these changes are:

  • To encourage every household to make full use of the convenient weekly recycling and food waste collection service.
  • To boost recycling and food waste rates – the Welsh Government expects all Authorities to currently be recycling a minimum 52% of all the waste it collects.  By March 2016 this will increase to 58%.
  • To avoid the large financial penalties the Authority would face if the national recycling and landfill targets are not hit.
  • To comply with European legislation which states that paper, plastics, metal and glass should be collected separately to increase the quality of the recycling material.
  • And of course, more recycling and less landfill is good for our environment.

To further explore the types of waste that can be recycled around the home, please Click Here

The Authority is already present in the community to answer any questions we can at this stage. Many finer details have not yet been decided but the Authority will update when and where possible. Please continue to use the current recycling service as normal to help support and improve the Authority’s recycling rate. Please Click Here to see what can be put in your blue and clear bags.

Please see the attached FAQ document (Below) for further information



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